As from August, Kirsten Siksne, Asbjørn Heby and Marianne Roed Abrahamsen are part of the team at Arctic Consensus.

Asbjørn is employed in wage subsidies at Arctic Consensus until december. He completed his Master in Political science and Public administration at Aalborg Universtity in summer 2017, and is currently searching for a job. As his primary task, Asbjørn will be working with North Denmark Dialogue Meetings. Furthermore, he will be working with updating and publishing a brochure about the collaboration between North Denmark and Greenland. Asbjørn will furthermore partake in the other assignments within the work of Arctic Consensus.

Kirsten will, as a fundraiser at Arctic Consensus, work with identifying and qualifying strategic partnerships, consortium formation between research, education and industry, formulating project descriptions and applications. Kirsten has a background as a Librarian. She has several years of in-depth experience with strategic fundraising, project management and strengthening an organization’s international profile from both private and public sector.

Further more has Marianne Roed Abrahamsen engaged in an internship at Arctic Consensus. Marianne studies a Master of European Studies with Arctic Studies as specialization at Aalborg University. She grew up in Qaqortoq in Greenland, and has her knowledge and interest of Greenland and the Arctic from here. Marianne will be studying the possibilities of expanding Arctic Consensus’ projects and networks to other parts of the Arctic, with a special focus on the Nordic-Arctic areas. Arctic Consensus apply triple helix and quatro helix in their collaborations, and these will be applied to the expanded focus. Arctic Consensus works with projects within different areas, among others: logistics, healthcare, business, culture, education and research. It is not a requirement that the areas are the same in the expanded collaboration, but they need to create better results for the different parties of the collaboration. Furthermore, Marianne will be part of the other tasks within the work at Arctic Consensus. Marianne will be an intern at Arctic Consensus until Christmas.

We welcome Kirsten, Asbjørn and Marianne at Arctic Consensus.