We are glad to bid Ari Av Rana and Mikkel Underlin Østergaard welcome at Arctic Consensus.

One of the two new arrivals is Ari from the Faroe Islands, who finished his master’s degree of politics and administration in 2015. Ari has a broad knowledge and understanding of the north-Atlantic regions, the structures in public organisations as well as political communication. These competences were amongst others obtained through a connection to the Faroese representation in London. Ari will be acting as project-coordinator at Arctic Consensus.

The other new face at Arctic Consensus is the new intern Mikkel, who will be with us until December. Mikkel is currently studying at Aalborg University, where he is at his 9thsemester. He is halfway through his master’s degree of Culture, Communication and Globalisation, with a special focus on Arctic Studies, International Relations and Global Order.

Read more about Ari and Mikkels profiles as well as their tasks at Arctic Consensus here.

Photo: Arctic Consensus