New knowledge about sustainability in the Arctic sees the light of day! In a collaboration with The Techno-Anthropology Lab (TANTlab) at Aalborg University, more than 5000 websites have been examined in relation to what different actors say about sustainability in the Arctic.

Under the heading “Locating Arctic Sustainability Online (LASSO)”, search engine data and text from the Internet have been collected via Big data and digital methods, with the aim of:

  1. Discovering key actors
  2. Examining how they talk about Arctic sustainability
  3. Supplementing with more local approaches

You can read the full analysis here. You are also welcome to explore the data set here.

About the analysis:

Sustainability and sustainable development are far from new concepts worldwide. As the epicenter of global climate change, the Arctic is at the heart of the debate on climate change. With the increasing international focus on the Arctic, sustainability and sustainable development also become priority on the agenda in the Arctic political and business environments.

Arctic Consensus has a desire to work with sustainability and seek knowledge about what sustainability is in an Arctic context. Therefore, in the spring of 2021, Arctic Consensus has entered into collaborations with various actors that have contributed to different insights and analysis on sustainability in the Arctic. In this article, you can read the report from TANTlab at Aalborg University, which is part of the larger analysis.

Happy reading!