As a follow-up to the recent business conference “Knowledge & Growth – Business development and innovation in the Arctic”, a new meeting platform by the name “V&V EIA” will be created. On the new meeting platform, you and your business have the opportunity to develop and initiate collaborations to share knowledge.

The opportunities for business development and innovation in the Arctic within the collaborations between business and research, were discussed at the conference “Knowledge & Growth – Business development and innovation in the Arctic”, which took place on March 16 and 17, 2021. During the two-day conference, there were 85 participants from the business community, organizations, and knowledge-based institutions. Participants from Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Denmark contributed with concrete perspectives on business development and innovation.

At the conference, several participants stressed the need for meeting platforms as a central piece in developing and initiating collaborations to share knowledge with each other. The platforms will be places to meet, “date”, get to know each other, and exchange experiences, needs, and common interests and competencies. Knowledge-sharing collaborations manifest themselves in different types of collaborations, which requires insight to opportunities and dialogue with interested partners among knowledge-based institutions as well as the business community and other relevant organizations.

As one of several initiatives, Arctic Consensus is forming a group for anyone interested, with the purpose of facilitating the path towards knowledge-exchanging collaborations. Here, future partners will be able to find the partners and relations they need. The meeting platform “V&V EIA” will be a platform for the business community, organizations, and knowledge-based institutions, where dialogue and exchanging experiences will be the focus.

Monthly meetings will be planned, and the first will take place at the end of may 2021. If you or your Business/organization is interested in participating, or simply would like to hear more about the initiative, write to us at: