A new application and staff exchange program must be prepared and planned.

On Monday and Tuesday, a seminar, with participation from Tórshavnar Municipality, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and Aalborg Municipality, is held at Arctic consensus. The focus is on the rehabilitation project and one of the main points is to develop the exchange program among the three municipalities. The staff exchange program is an important part of phase 2 and is set to be across the municipalities, countries and the professions.

Another topic on the agenda, is the preparation of an application to the Nordic Council of Ministers, with the aim of obtaining funding for the final phase. In this phase, the focus will be on Nordic synergy and utility. This will be in the form of workshops in Torshavn and Nuuk, where models and methods for rehabilitation work will be shared and developed.

Nordic Arctic Rehabilitation is supported by the Nordic Council of ministers, with the purpose to share knowledge, exchange experiences, create opportunities for staff exchanges, and provide input on efforts and methods to improve rehabilitation in the Nordic Arctic regions. The project involves a changed understanding, perception and increased awareness of how rehabilitation can be developed in relation to the Arctic regions and cities. It builds on a common goal that more citizens shall achieve the highest possible quality of life.