The level of knowledge has been increased, and experiences have been shared across three Nordic municipalities. This is but some of the experiences the participants in Nordic Arctic Rehabilitation have made through, among other things, digital employee exchanges. The second year of this three-year project have recently been concluded, and the Nordic and Arctic network has been strengthened trough the collegial sparring, which the project has facilitated.

The second year of the three-year project Nordic Arctic Rehabilitation has just been concluded with, among other things, an increased level of knowledge and an exchange of experiences between three Nordic municipalities as a result. The project deals with the work and development concerning rehabilitation in Nuuk, Torshavn and Aalborg, and is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Arctic Consensus are the project leaders of the project and have facilitated several digital workshops, where employees from three Nordic municipalities have exchanged knowledge and experiences with each other.

Digital employee exchanges

The three participating municipalities, the municipality of Sermersooq, the municipality of Tórshavn and the municipality of Aalborg, have this year contributed in planning and participating in five digital workshops. The purpose has been to facilitate a digital employee exchange between professionals in the three municipalities and trough this, share knowledge and develop the competencies of the professionals. In order to structure and facilitate these workshops, the project employed external consultant Katrine Schumann from Communicate2Innovate.

Throughout the digital workshops and employee exchanges there have, among other things, been used case-descriptions, which greatly have contributed so that the professionals could relate to and be oriented toward problem solving solutions and be specific in their descriptions concerning deliberations, treatment, procedure and challenges.  This kind of approach in the exchange, has meant that the professionals across municipalities, as well as within the municipalities, have had great opportunity to identify pitfalls, as well as opportunities for cooperation and better coordination.

Competency development and sparring

The results of the completed workshops are very clear in the subsequent evaluations, which have been carried out after each workshop. The employee exchanges have created value in the form of competence development, sparring internally as well as across professional groups, and insight into the approach of the other municipalities. The attendees requested better coordination and sparring within certain areas across the professional groups. The evaluation especially places emphasis on the fact that relevant information in all stages of the rehabilitation process are passed on to colleagues in order to guarantee an even better process for each citizen. Meetings across professional groups as well as statuses on the citizens processes are also requested. This can help monitor progress and setbacks in the rehabilitation process in a more effective manner.

New colleagues

Additionally, the participating professionals also describe, how they have acquired new colleagues across the Nordic municipalities, and through these, they can continue to spar and exchange knowledge.

The overall goal for the project has been to create networks, foster competency development and knowledge sharing with the purpose of developing and implementing new and tailormade models for each of the three involved municipalities. In this regard the conducted workshops have played a central role in inspiring and identifying, where the three participating municipalities wish to further develop their own and accustomed methods and models for rehabilitation.

The project has just started its third year, where there will be held local workshops in both Tórshavn and Nuuk, with the purpose of developing new methods and models. Arctic Consensus has developed a guide concerning how to conduct digital workshops with basis in the experience, that have been acquired through the digital employee exchange within Nordic Arctic Rehabilitation. This can found here (danish only)