North Denmark Arctic Dialogue took place in Brussels on Wednesday the 9th of December 2015, with the theme “A regional perspective on business development in the Arctic”. With a packed house, the gathered people shared an interest and a desire to take part in the development of the Arctic.

Based on the presentations and the given dialogs, the discussion of the day went on how the Arctic, as a main subject, can be included in the European political agenda. This was particularly discussed in relation to the EU Arctic Policy, which is intended to develop the Arctic, including preserving the values of the people who lives in the Arctic area.

Speakers at the conference:
Lise-Lotte Terp, Director at Arctic Consensus.
Poul Hedegaard, Chairman, Artic Business Network.
Stine Bylind Bundgaard, Chairman, Arctic Education Network.
Simon BERGULF, Director EU Affairs, DANISH Shipowners’ Association.
Prof. Rasmus Gjedssø Berthelsen, Senior Researcher, University of Aalborg.

During the day, the focus went especially on the discussion of development in the Arctic regions, and on the potential results of more awareness of the Arctic, including business and education. Among the speakers was Lise-Lotte Terp, Director of Arctic Consensus, who, as a part of her presentation, spoke about the relationship and the results achieved in the cooperation between Jutland and Greenland. She pointed out the importance of the Arctic development as well, as cooperation between business and education. The achievement of increased knowledge could be used promote the development in the right direction. She pointed out, that if a development of the Arctic must become a reality, it is important to listen and provide an understanding for the mindsets that exist in the culture. Through cooperation and dialogue, an increased focus on Arctic will be achived.

Among the speakers was Paul Hededal, Chairman of Arctic Business Network. He presented the functionality of the network, where the members of this makes a great effort to provide to the development in Greenland and other Arctic regions. He emphasized that the desire to promote the development goes hand in hand with, the need of an understanding of the culture and the Arctic people.

A second speaker at the conference was Stine Bylin Bundgaard, Chairman of Arctic Education Network, which is a sister network to Arctic Business Network. She presented the initiatives and opportunities for Greenlandic students and students from North Jutland in relation to education. Arctic Education Network is co-organizer of Seashow together with the Greenlandic House in Aalborg. Seashow is an education and business event, which is held every second that travels along the Greenlandic cost showing the opportunities of education and carrier in Greenland and Denmark. The objective is give enough information and guidance to make the right choice of education.

The presenter Simon Bergulf, Director of EU affairs, Danish Shipowners’ Association presented the work of the IMO, where they have done and started the polar code as a set of rules for marine traffics in the Arctic.

Last Speaker Rasmus Gjedssø Berthelsen, Professor of International Relations at Norway’s Arctic University of Tromso, talked about the importance of education, and pointed out that the Arctic countries should and must communicate more.

The conclusion of Terkel Petersen from the EU office of foreign affairs EEAS, said that work on Arctic issues, especially at the EU level, requires an increased and focused effort. The projects must be based on collaboration and a local presence.