On a Danish national scale the northern Jutland has a lot of competences in regard to Greenland. That´s the point in a feature article in the newspaper Nordjyske by Claus Holstein, managing director at the Port of Aalborg and a member of the steering committee at Arctic Consensus.

He calls upon the Danish Folketing (parliament), Danish government, the national administration and powerful groups in society to invest in North Jutland to become the region of development in the relationship between Denmark and Greenland.

The port of Aalborg has through the later 40 years served as the gateway of goods to and from Greenland and Denmark/EU. This commercial co-operation has developed into a lot of institutions in North Jutland cooperating with Greenland on a broader base:

Arctic Consensus, Arctic Business Network, Arctic Education Network and CIRCLA – Centre for Innovation and Research in Culture and Learning in the Arctic within the University of Aalborg.

Greenland looks upon itself as undergoing a development from being a fishing nation to become a nation of natural resources and oil. But Greenland needs to build up capacities in these new fields in order to deal with large global companies. According to Claus Holstein North Jutland holds a lot of the competences within business, logistic, education and science and Greenland needs partners to develop the society in order to turn the young nation into a modern global country.


Feature article from Oct 6th 2013 in the newspaper Nordjyske.