New funding for the Nordic-Arctic rehabilitation-project between Aalborg, Torshavn and Nuuk

The Nordic region is, along with several other regions, challenged by the increased average life expectancy. When populations grow older, new solutions are required to promote a sustainable development of the welfare systems and ensure the citizens self-reliance. Rehabilitation is an important aspect in self-reliance, which is why the three Nordic-Arctic municipalities have chosen to cooperate in a interdisciplinary network in order to acquire new methods and share new knowledge.

The three municipalities of Aalborg, Tórshavnar and Semersooq all work towards one common goal: that more citizens achieve the highest possible quality of life. In practice, thus could entail that citizens receiving homecare could move toward not having to rely on homecare. In return, such a shift could improve resource management in the municipalities and help provide greater care for dependents, which accounts for citizens without the possibility for any or partial self-reliance. Optimal resource management will therefore contribute to greater social safety and care.

In cooperation with Arctic Consensus, the three municipalities have applied for funding at the Nordic Co-operation to sustain the network. The application was approved this spring, which ensures the municipalities continued efforts in the projects phase 2, which focus on staff exchanges across the municipalities, countries and professions.