Friday, September 9, 2016, at 2 pm marked the official opening of the first Arctic centre in Northern Jutland: The Arctic House, located at Vesterbro 79 in the heart of Aalborg.

The opening of The Arctic House marks the start of an assembly of the various Arctic players – now under one roof. The house will create the framework for cooperation across the Arctic stakeholders in Aalborg.

The Arctic House, which serves as a platform for knowledge and collaboration, consists of: Arctic Consensus, Arctic Business Network, Arctic Education Network, Greenland Travel and AAU Arctic. The Arctic House shares its address with The Greenlandic House in Aalborg.

With its location in the centre of Aalborg, the Arctic House offers one entry to the topic, and makes the Arctic region more accessible and tangible to the outside world. In Northern Jutland, a large number of companies work with the Arctic in their everyday lives. The Arctic House focuses on this and opens the door for new companies or others interested in an Arctic cooperation.

The opening reception offered speeches from Aalborg’s mayor Thomas Kastrup Larsen, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University, Henrik Halkier, Director of Arctic Consensus Lise-Lotte Terp, and Director of the Greenland House in Aalborg Søren Nielsen Stach. At the reception, the many guests could enjoy choral singing from the Ikinngutigiit choir and music from the band Ivalu Judithelu, which was sponsored by Greenland Travel. In addition, guests could enjoy the refreshments in form of delicacies of Greenlandic food and beverage, sponsored by Arctic Import and Business Aalborg.