The Arctic House invites to its opening reception on Friday, September 9th 2016, at 2 p.m.
Come and meet the Arctic actors of North Jutland and give the Arctic House a warm welcome.
Sign up for the event here. See you at Vesterbro 79, 9000 Aalborg!

The opening of a joint Arctic centre of knowledge establishes the foundation for a common effort across several areas of interest. The Arctic house is home to Arctic Consensus, AAU-Arctic, Arctic Education Network, Arctic Business Network and Greenland Travel. Thereby the house ensures increased cooperation in fields such as business, education and research.

The goal with the new joint Arctic centre of knowledge is to promote visibility and to increase cooperation between Arctic actors. With the formation of the centre, it will be easier and more manageable to establish and maintain contact between Arctic actors as well as increase the sharing of knowledge to the benefit of all.