On Saturday at 2 pm the young Greenlandic artist, Poul Peter Lorentzen will perform a show in front of Musikkens Hus in relation to the Greenlandic Days in Aalborg. Under the show, Poul Peter will play the song “Find Home”, which is specially written for the Greenlandic Days. The band will also play some of their known songs.

Poul Peter Lorentzen was raised in Paamiut and currently lives in Aalborg, where his interest in music has already started from when he was a teenager. Having his guitar and voice as self-expression, Poul Peter together with Mikkel Beier Gregersen – the other member of the band, explore tones and texts in the world of music.

A meeting between Poul Peter and Mikkel during a city festival in Øster Hornum, eight years ago has set the start for a close collaboration of the two musicians. Together they took the music seriously beginning with a school project, where they had to prepare a song with text and melody from scratch. Ever since, they spent a lot of their spare time on preparing more songs.

“We sit and enjoy ourselves often by adding on to the songs we already have. It can be a Friday night, where we can just enjoy ourselves and relax – the music is definitely something I am relaxing with. We dream that we can live off music and play it different places in the world. For now it is just a hobby, while we go to school and educate ourselves”.

The last eight years, Poul Peter and Mikkel have prepared several songs together and now they moved on with the occasion of the Greenlandic Days 2017 where they perform a show in a public location for a large audience.

“When we were asked whether we would play during the Greenlandic Day, I thought to myself: Yes! That is what we’re going to do!”

Poul Peter and Mikkel add a new spark, which draws a new picture of the strong relations between Greenland and Denmark.

“It is also an important part of Greenland to show that connection which is between the two countries in all people, who have relations to Greenland, but located in Denmark. It is just as important part of Greenland that we would also like to express through our music”.

Saturday, the 26th is a cultural day in connection with the Greenlandic Days in Aalborg 2017. Poul Peter and Mikkel’s show is part of a larger program, where both the Unicycle Club LUCK Aalborg and the Inuit Games are included.

You can read more about the event of the day here.