At the Danish University Extension in Aalborg journalist Susanne Christensen and Kaj Kleist, Executive Director will give a presentation on Greenland’s current challenges.

Kaj Kleist is a previous senior official in the Greenlandic Home Rule Governmet and is currently employed in the mining industry. He is the main character in Susanne Christiansen’s history book: ”Kajs Grønlandskrønike – magt, håb og kampe på vejen mod det moderne Grønland” (Informations Forlag, 2015).

The presentation addresses a long array of topics, such as Arctic’s future, the future of the ‘community of the realm’, Greenland as an independent country, exploitation of raw materials with or without uranium, language meaning, companionship in the Greenlandic leadership, abuse and children’s conditions and centralization of the population against the survival of the villages.

The presentation takes place from 10:00 – 14:00. For registration and payment, click here.