Farewell to a unique organization across Denmark and the Arctic:

Arctic Consensus closes

Arctic Consensus, which has worked to strengthen knowledge, relations, and cooperation across Denmark and the Arctic since 2013, is closing its doors after the New Year. The steering committee informs that it has not been able to secure the necessary funding to continue its work. This lack of funding and subsequent closure means goodbye to a unique organization that has improved and developed frameworks and opportunities for Danish companies working in the Arctic region.

After the New Year, Danish companies will find it harder to get competent, highly qualified help, advice, and sparring when seeking access to the Arctic markets. This is the consequence of not being able to find enough funding to continue strengthening knowledge, relations, and cooperation between Denmark and the Arctic, something the organization has been doing since 2013. Arctic Consensus is based in Aalborg and Nuuk and has received funding from “Growth Forum” and, most recently, the Danish Business Promotion Board and other public and private partners.

At a time when the Arctic is a geopolitical hotspot experiencing greater international attention, it is saddening that we cannot secure the necessary funding to continue strengthening relations, cooperation, and knowledge across the Arctic, says Director of Arctic Consensus, Lise-Lotte Terp.

Over the years, Arctic Consensus has, among other things, extensively collaborated with the business community, organized Arctic-related events for thousands of participants, and partnered with several Danish universities to increase knowledge about sustainability and other topics in the Arctic region.

The organization was originally established to strengthen North Jutland’s relations with the Arctic—primarily Greenland—but has since undergone conscious strategic developments toward developing Danish and international ties with the entire Arctic area.

We are incredibly proud of everything we have achieved since the organization started just eight years ago. It has been our pleasure to strengthen relations between Denmark and the Arctic through successful facilitation of projects, seminars, conferences, knowledge, dialogue meetings, business delegation travels, and collaboration opportunities and we would have been pleased to continue this important work to strengthen relations with the Arctic, says Lise-Lotte Terp.

Arctic Consensus officially closes on December 31, 2021, and will finally cease all activities in the first months of 2022. _______________________________________________________________________________________

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