Artic Consensus

Project areas at Arctic Consensus

Here at Arctic Consensus, we establish and lead a selection of different projects and collaborations. All of these are in different areas where there are particularly strong relationships and collaborations between the Arctic region and Denmark.

You can get an overview of the areas and read more below.


Collaboration between educational institutions in the Arctic region and Denmark includes staff training, institution development and skills exchange.


The logistics solutions, which consist of specialized packing and shipping to smaller destinations with containerships, are based on intelligent and customized models benefitting both countries.


Business collaborations between the Arctic region and Denmark comprise a large number of areas with a central focus on results, development, growth and networks.


Given the growing interest in the Arctic region, industries are providing a basis for the overall growth both within the industries and the businesses relating to these.


Collaborations are ongoing in several areas of tourism, including both individual activities but also long-term projects.


University cooperation has been established in many areas, and scientific research plays a crucial role in relation to developments in the Arctic region and in Denmark.


In the cultural field, there is great support to support the cooperation. Several activities are organized that draw on the different countries’ respective cultures.


In the healthcare sector, a special collaboration has been established between Greenland and Denmark in particular. It includes transport of all medical supplies to Greenland. There is considerable development in this area.

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