Projects at Arctic Consensus

Here at the Arctic Consensus we establish and lead a variety of different projects and cooperation. All of these are located within different areas, where there are strong relations and cooperation between Greenland and North Jutland.

You can get an overview of these areas from reading more below.


Cooperation between educational institutions in Greenland and North Jutland revolves around the training of personnel, development of institutions and exchange of skills.


The logistics solutions, which consist of specialized packing and shipping to smaller destinations with containerships, are based on intelligent and customized models benefitting both countries.


Business collaboration between Greenland and North Jutland covers an incredible number of areas with a primary focus on results, development and networking.


Given the growing interest in the Arctic region, industries are providing a basis for the overall growth both within the industries and the businesses relating to these.


Greenland and North Jutland cooperate in several areas of tourism, including both specific experiences, but also on long-term projects.


The universities collaborate in many areas and their scientific research play an essential role in the development of both Greenland and North Denmark.


There is a large response in order to create cooperation in the cultural field. Several events are held both in Greenland and North Jutland, drawing on the cultures of both countries.


In the health sector there is a special collaboration between Greenland and North Jutland, partly involving the transportation of all medical supply to Greenland.

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