The conference Arctic Futures Symposium will take place in Brussels on November 28 with Arctic Consensus as co-organizer and participants. 

The annual conference Arctic Futures Symposium takes place on November 28 in Brussels, where stakeholders meet and discuss current issues in the Arctic.

This year’s Arctic Futures Symposium is divided into four sessions, which is the frame of the program for the conference. The focus will thus be on Arctic Institutions, Transport and Logistics, Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Blue Growth and Biodiversity.

The evening before the conference there is also a cultural event, where short films about the Arctic are shown.

Arctic Consensus, like previous years, has participated in the planning, and this year, CEO Lise-Lotte Terp and intern Marianne Roed Abrahamsen will participate in the conference.

The conference, which is also a forum for Arctic stakeholders, is organized by the International Polar Foundation in cooperation with the Nordic regional offices in the EU and with Arctic Consensus as co-organizer.

During the annual symposium, influential stakeholders in the EU and the Arctic meet and discuss current issues. Among the participants of this year’s program are the EU Arctic ambassador Marie-Anne Coninsx, as well as a number of relevant researchers and politicians in the four sessions, including from Finland, Sweden, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. See the program by clicking here.

If you are interested in joining this year’s Arctic Futures Symposium, you can still register for the conference on their website. Participation is free.

Read more about the Arctic Futures Symposium here.