Time is approaching for SeaShow 2017, and already half of the spots on the ship are reserved. You still have time to register a spot for yourself or your colleagues. Sign up for the exhibition here.

An information meeting will be held in the Arctic House in Aalborg along with the preparations for the exhibition. At the meeting everyone interested in joining the exhibition is invited along with the registered educational institutions, businesses and municipalities in Greenland and Denmark.

Information meeting, Seashow 2017
17th of May – 4 pm to 6 pm
The Arctic House in Aalborg
Vesterbro 79, 9000 Aalborg

Sign up for the meeting here

It is possible to attend the meeting online.

At the meeting, the concept of SeaShow will be introduced and there will be time for a Q&A.

This year’s SeaShow route sails from Nuuk to Narsarsuaq, which corresponds to sailing from mid- to the south of Greenland. The concept will be the same as previous years – the focus is on establishing new contacts and relations, as well as creating new partnerships and possible collaborations.

As a participant in SeaShow 2017 you will be staying on the ship Sarfaq Ittuk, which will be sailing to a selection of towns in Greenland. In the towns the ship will dock and be open for all interested, who will be able to receive information from the different educational and industry institutions.

The participants of SeaShow will be able to arrange meetings with partners, rest and explore the city on their own. The programme is still underway, but it will contain different activities in each city.

You can read more about SeaShow 2017 here.