The last stop on the Seashow route is Nanortalik. Today, Friday, the 15th of September, there is open ship from 15:30-17:00 pm.

Yesterday, day 4, in Qaqortoq the ship was filled with interested citizens, who will hear about the education opportunities that were presented on board. More than 450 of city’s citizens visited the ship during the two ‘open ship’ programs.

Outside the open ship program, the fair exhibitors visited different places in the city. In terms of the targeted education, the fair exhibitors visited Campus Kujalleq. Among the business-oriented activities, there was the network meeting with Palle Frederiksen, Business and Labor Market Manager, from Kommuneqarfik Kujalleq and a visit at Great Greenland.

The fair exhibitors are looking forward to ‘saw a seed’ among the young people living in the last city on the route, who consider taking an education.