Arctic Consensus has been a member of the steering committee in Arctic Futures Symposium since 2014, and has contributed in arranging the contents as well as the execution of the symposium. Arctic Futures Symposium has played a large role for Arctic Consensus and to our partners, as this has been one of our ways of engaging with policy-makers and arctic stakeholders in the EU.

Lise-Lotte spent the last few minutes of the meeting to inform about Arctic Consensus shutting down and to thank all partners in the steering committee. We hope to see our colleagues from the steering committee in the future.

The lastest Arctic Futures Symposium was held in 2021 in a hybrid format, with both in-person and digital participation. The title of the symposium was Meeting Our Challenges and covered, among other topics, sustainable entrepreneurship and business development in the Arctic as well as the socio economic consequences of climate change. Important topics in terms of the future of the Arctic region.