From January 20-24. Arctic Frontiers hosts their annual conference in Tromsø, Northern Norway. The theme of this year’s activities is: Smart Arctic.

The aim of the global, scientific conference is to promote economic, societal and environmental sustainable growth in the north.

Tromsø, also known as the ‘Capital of the Arctic’, sets the scene brilliantly for the conference as the hometown of the intergovernmental forum Arctic Council.

Some of the keynote speakers include senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island) who will bring central contributions to this year’s discussion and exchange on arctic knowledge. In Washington DC they experience that the discussion regarding the Arctic is often manifested as a polarized conflict between protection on the one side, and exploitation of natural resources on the other. Arctic Frontiers deem international cooperation as key to finding good solutions for the region.

The plenary programme includes sessions with the titles: Plastics in the Ocean, A Smart Arctic Future, State of the Arctic, and The future of Governance and handling Vulnerability in Arctic Ecosystems. Check out the programme.

Register for the conference on Arctic Frontiers’ website.