North Jutland is the area in Denmark where the highest amount of citizens born in Greenland has chosen to settle. 

Greenland Statistics register of 2017, illustrates a tendency as North Jutland being an attractive area for greenlandic people to live. Out of the 16.370 citizens in Denmark registered as being born in Greenland, 2.656 citizens lives in North Jutland. That is 16,22% of the total.

Through the past seven years the number has increased from 14.537 i 2010 to 16.370 in 2017 in Denmark. In North Jutland alone the number has increased with 525 – from 2.131 to 2.656 citizens.

The area with the second higest amount of greenlandic citizens in Denmark is East Jutland, where in 2017 they had 2.530 registered citizens and following that is Copenhagen with 2.307 citizens.

The statistic is based on people who are born in Greenland and who has a registered address in Denmark.  The statistic can therefore be divient in certain cases – for example in regards to the exclusion of greenlandic people born outside of Greenland.

Read the statistics from Greenland Statistics here.