With the goal of turning theory into practice, Arctic Consensus project cooperation group from Aalborg University will travel to Greenland to investigate the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals’ (SDG’s) influence.

On the 27 of April, Anna Millionova and Vasiliki Stavroglou will arrive in Nuuk where they will stay until May 4th. Based on the knowledge of local actors, they will here study how Greenland has taken on the SDG’s and what influence the goals have.

“It is important for the project’s relevance, and results, that the students have the opportunity to have a Greenlandic local starting point in the project. It provides an entrance to knowledge that derives from the local environment but also gives the opportunity to pass the results back to the local community. The interaction between theory and practice is getting better conditions this way. ”
– Lise-Lotte Terp, Director of the Arctic Consensus

Arctic Consensus is looking forward to hearing about the project group’s experiences and results. The cooperation will continue until the summer vacation, where the student’s survey will be published in a report on the United Nations SDG’s in Greenland.