The 21st of June The Greenlandic House invites to celebration of The National Day of Greenland at Aalborg Zoo.

Traditionally, The Greenlandic house celebrates the National Day of Greenland on June 21st. The Greenlandic House in Aalborg has in previous years, as the main organizer of the event, held the national day at their  previous address at Umanakvej. However, due to the move to new premises at Vesterbro 79 in the central Aalborg, this year’s National Day will be held in Aalborg Zoo at Mølleparkvej 63, 9000 Aalborg. The event is organized by The Greenlandic House in cooperation with Aalborg Zoo, Royal Greenland and Greenland Travel, organizes the event.

On June 21st, The Greenlandic House in cooperation with their sponsors offers cake, coffee, tea, lemonade and samples of various Greenlandic delicacies. It follows the official fly of the flag, entertainment by the Ikinngutigiit choir, speeches and musical entertainment. Dinner will not be served, but later that day the large grill is lighted, where it is possible to grill own brought food.

The event is for all Greenlanders, their families and persons associated with or interest in Greenland. It is free to take part in the event, but tickets must be picked up beforehand to attend.

Tickets can be picked up in the period June 6 to June 20, at:
– Det Grønlandske Hus i Aalborg, Vesterbro 79, 9000 Aalborg
– Tamassa, Ågade 9, 9000 Aalborg
– Kofoeds Skole, Ågade 23, 9000 Aalborg

However, it is also possible to get tickets at Aalborg Zoo June 21 at the period: 15:00-16:00th.

[box style=”1″]Program for The Greenland National Day [hr style=”1″ margin=”5px 0px 5px 0px”] 15.00: Doors open for the event
15.00-16.00: Cake, coffee, tea and lemonade are served
16.00: Official fly of flag, entertainment by Ikinngutigiit choir and speeches
17.00: Musical entertainment sponsored by Greenland Travel
17.30: Tastings of the various delicacies sponsored by Royal Greenland
18.00: The large grill is lighted, with the possibility of grilling brought food
20.00: Thanks for tonight

Read more about the event and the day’s program here (please notice that the program is in danish).