The elections to Greenland’s Parlament, Inatsisartut, was held on the 24 of April. The election turnout was at 71.9%, which is a decline compared with 2014, where it was 72.9%.

Kim Kelsen’s party Siumut remains the largest party in Greenland despite a significant decline in the 2014 election. Siumut received 27.2% of the votes in 2018 against 34.3% in 2014 – a decline of 7.1%. The party receives 9 mandates. The right to negotiations for a new Naalakkersuisut is still at Siumut, where Kim Kielsen will lead the forthcoming negotiations.

The significant decline in the votes for Siumut can also be read in Kim Kielsen’s personal votes. He received less than half of the votes he received at the 2014 election. The votes for the 2018 election were counted at 2,155, which is a decline of 2,415 compared to 2014.

25.5% of the votes went to Inuit Ataqatigiit, which also experienced a significant decline compared to 2014, where the party gained 33.2% – experiencing a total decline of 7.6%. The party receives 8 mandates. The party is thus the one who experienced the biggest decline.  Sara Olsvig also saw a decline in personal votes, with 3,360 in 2018. This is a decline of 2,464 votes in comparison to the 2014 election.

The party experiencing the greatest progress is the Democrats they received 19.5% of the votes. This is an 7.7% improvement from 2014. The Democrats gets 6 mandates. The Democrat’s president, Randi Vestergaard Evaldsen, received 579 personal votes, where the Democrat Niels Thomsen received 2,710 personal votes.

Partii Naleraq received 13.4% of the votes and received 4 mandates. Chairman Hans Enoksen received 2,531 personal votes.

Atassut got 5.9% of the votes, which is a slight decline from 2014. The party received 2 mandates. Chairman Siverth K. Heilmann received 436 personal votes.

Samarbejdspartiet got 4.1% of the votes and receive a single mandate, going to Tillie Martinussen, who received 480 personal votes.

Partii Nunatta Qitornai got 3.4% and thus gained a single mandate. It goes to chairman Vittus Qujaukitsoq, who received 698 personal votes.

There are a total of 72 polls in Greenland and a total of 40,769 voters.