“Under uvidenhedens mørke” (translated “Under the darkness of ignorance”) is a co-production of Inuit Theatre and Theatre Solaris that creates a musical epic, based on Villads Villadsens poem “Qaasapis last days”.

The performance will be shown in Teater Nordkraft in Aalborg on March 30th and 31st.

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About the show
The poem “Qaasapis last days” is about the last part of the Norse period in Greenland. On a quest for revenge against the Norsemen for the killing of the Greenlanders, Qaasapi the Greenlander, together with a surviving Greenlandic woman, Mikerteq, travels south to track down Trolle, the last Norse.

As a co-production the shows setup is realized through the two theater managers Simon Løvstrøm and Sananda Solaris. With the show, a close artistic collaboration between Denmark and Greenland is created. It is hoped that similar collaborations can be created in the future.

”Under uvidenhedens mørke” is a production with a strong musical expression, which draws on contemporary musical theater. The performance’s composition blends Inuit drums and futuristic song, which creates a special atmosphere.

The people behind the production
The performance is directed by Sananda Solaris. She graduated theater director at the National Theatre School and is founder of Theatre Solaris. Solaris has directed a number of performances over many years.

The play’s artistic director is Simon Løvstrøm (Mooqqu), who has worked in the entertainment industry for many years. In 1984, he started the theater group Silamiut, and was then the first Theatre Manager in Silamiut.

Villads Villadsen has authored the text of the play. He is known as a poetic and mythical author in Greenland, with lyrics that have a touch of surrealism and romanticism.

The music is newly composed by Ole Kristiansen, with the involvement of other Greenlandic artists. With Ole Kristiansen’s profile as a well known musician, and recognized for his poetic lyrics and rock music, he moves, with the production of the play, into a new phase as a composer.

The participating actors in the show are: Nukâka Coster-Waldau, Mike Fencker Thomsen, Ujarneq Fleischer og Karina Møller.

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