The sister cities Nuuk and Aalborg host’s the events “AalborgDays in Nuuk” and “GreenlandicDays in Aalborg” on a biannual basis. This year the event will be held in Nuuk, since Aalborg was the host last time. The programme for this year AalborgDays in Nuuk is divided into three themes: a political, a business and a cultural segment.

Representatives from Aalborg Municipality, such as the magistrate, director’s group and members from the culture and business community will all attend the event. From Nuuk, several members of the committee of Economy and Business will attend along with chairmen of the other committees and stakeholders in business and culture.

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The programme contains political and business activities such as a business conference, company visits and the possibility for B2B meetings. The cultural aspect of AalborgDays in Nuuk will involve the Aalborg Symfoni Orchestra, which will entertain throughout Nuuk city.

Participants from Aalborg will have the option to travel with a larger delegation all attending the event. Departure is set on the 14 August with arrival back in Aalborg set for both 18 and 19 August. By signing up, it will be require to list preferred travel dates or to inform if you wish to travel alone. Expenses will be paid individually, but bookings etc. will be handled for you.

It is possible to sign-up here