This fall, a new group of students has started their master in Arctic Studies at Aalborg University. In this context, AAU Arctic and Arctic Consensus have organized an event, Monday the 2nd of October, which introduced the new students to some of the actors working with the Arctic region, in Aalborg.

As part of Arctic Consensus’ knowledge collaboration with Aalborg University, it is important to inform students about the possibilities that are available with the North Jutlandic – Arctic actors, and the already existing collaborations.

The event took place in the Arctic House where Matilde Christiansen from Arctic Consensus and Verena Huppert, PhD fellow at Aalborg University made a presentation about the actors: Arctic Consensus, AAU Arctic, Arctic Education Network, Arctic Business Network and Greenland Travel and informed the students about the collaboration, projects and activities they perform. Additionally, the students were introduced to the Greenlandic House in Aalborg.

The objective with the event was not only to give students an insight into the business world and the relations between North of Denmark and the Arctic, but also to give them the opportunity to already think about the possible internship places and master thesis collaborations, which they have to take in the fall 2018/ spring 2019.

You can read more about our initiatives regarding the internship and master collaborations with Aalborg University here.