On wednesday, Arctic Consensus was paid a visit by Erik Kielsen, who works as a Development Manager at Innovation South Greenland.

During his visit, Erik told us about his significant knowledge about South Greenland, and particularly about Qaqortoq, where he operates from on a daily basis. Erik has, among other things, facilitated guided tours in the local area, including hunting and fishing tours. In relation to this, he has also carried out the logistical tasks involved with having visitors. Furthermore, Erik has experience with sharing his knowledge with e.g. scientists who visit South Greenland.

If you are planning to visit South Greenland, we recommend you to reach out to Erik:
E-mail: Erikk2010@outlook.dk
Telephone: (00299) 25 04 98

We would like to thank Erik for visiting Arctic Consensus, and we look forward to next time.