Due to Greeland’s national day taking place in Aalborg Zoo, the Arctic ambassador, Hanne Fugl Eskjær, and the CEO of the Greenlandic representation in Copenhagen, Lida Skifte Lennart, visited the Arctic House. During the visit, all of the stakeholders in the Arctic House got the chance to tell about their individual work and the many benefits that follows an open office space filled with Arctic stakeholders.

The visit in Aalborg also included lunch with Aalborg’s mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen and a guided tour in Aalborg Zoo. Both visitors also participated in the network-meeting during the celebration of Greenland’s national day in Aalborg Zoo. Here, both Hanne Fugl Eskjær and Lida Skifte Lennert spoke on how their daily work is. These presentations were followed by a panel debate consisting of different Arctic stakeholders.You can read more about the visit here.