Arctic Consensus welcomes Allan, Torben and Aviaja, all of whom will work with various aspects of the Arctic Consensus.

Allan is associated with Arctic Consensus through an internship and wage-subsidy. Allan has a Masters in Medialogy from Aalborg University, and works with statistics and data analysis at Arctic Consensus. The work primarily focuses on data generation and analysis concerning the Greenland-Denmark collaboration, the collection of future data, and how to create and ensure future growth.

Torben is associated with Arctic Consensus as an consultant at Arctic Consensus. Torben will carry out tasks that go across the areas in which Arctic Consensus operates within, and the projects that are being carried out in 2017. Torben has previously lived and worked in Greenland and therefore has a knowledge of the Greenlandic business community, which provides a good foundation for working with projects at Arctic Consensus.

Aviaja is new as student assistant at Arctic Consensus. Aviaja grew up in Nuuk and moved, after completing her high school in Nuuk in 2015, to Aalborg to study sociology at Aalborg University. Aviaja has a great interest in Greenland and the Arctic, and is looking forward to using her skills at the Arctic Consensus.

We, at Arctic Consensus, are really happy to have all three as part of the team.