Find the answer on November 25th, at this year’s Arctic Futures Symposium which will be held in Brussels.

This time, the symposium will shed light on the challenges which Arctic nations, communities, as well as the Arctic Council, will face in the coming years. The goal for the symposium is to create discussions and exchanges between arctic stakeholders, actors from the EU, and the public.

This year, the symposium will set off with exploring what is in the horizon for the Arctic Council in the next decade. The Arctic Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, Thomas Winkler, will be participating in this. Additionally, there will be arctic representatives, ambassadors, and Senior Arctic Officials from other nations and communities as well.

Arctic Consensus’ Ph.d.-fellow, Verena Huppert, will be attending the Arctic Labour Force and Demographics panel, where she will talk about recruitment and retention of local labour in Greenland. Among the many interesting panelists, is also Jari Vilén from the EU-Commission, who will be attending the Safety and Security in the Arctic panel. Apart from these two panels, there is also a panel on Gender Considerations in the Arctic, and one on Sustainable and Innovative Uses of Arctic Biological Resources. These panels offer equally interesting panelists with key knowledge and valuable perspectives in their fields.

Arctic Consensus is a partner of Arctic Futures Symposium, and we look forward to a day with presentations and discussions about the future of the Arctic.

Registration for the event is now open and can be found here. If you wish to find further information regarding programme and attending panelists, click here.

Arctic Futures Symposium is an annual event which brings arctic stakeholders, the EU and its officials, and the public together to discuss the future challenges in the Arctic.