Who are we?

Arctic Consensus is an organization that disseminates knowledge and reinforces cooperation between the Arctic and Denmark/EU starting in Greenland and North Denmark. We work on three levels; local, national and international.

From our offices in North Denmark and Greenland we facilitate, coordinate, and manage collaborations and projects, as well as emphasize relations between the Arctic and Denmark. We base the work on mutual respect and a mindset in which all parties in the collaboration should benefit.



The vision is to promote growth and development in Greenland, in the rest of the Arctic and in Denmark, with a special focus on North Denmark, by establishing cooperation across business, education, research and culture.

Our vision is that growth, employment and development should benefit all parties.

The need for cooperation between the Arctic regions is growing in line with the rapid development that has been created in view of the increased focus on the Arctic in recent years. Development and growth must be translated into societal and economic benefits in the North Atlantic regions.


Arctic Consensus functions as a platform and a link for more and better cooperation between the North Atlantic regions. Based in North Denmark and Greenland, we provide knowledge and cooperation with other Arctic regions, such as the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Canada.

Arctic Consensus act as a facilitator of projects and knowledge between Greenland and the EU, while working to influence the EU’s strategy for the Arctic.

With roots in Greenland and North Denmark, Arctic Consensus strives to become the natural choice for national and international questions about Greenland and the Arctic.

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