Who are we?

Note: This video has not been updated to Arctic Consensus’s latest national and Arctic strategy, but does describe our original background and work.

Arctic Consensus is a central organization between the Arctic, Denmark and the EU – supported by the Danish Business Promotion Board.

Through events, bridge building and concrete project management, etc. creates Arctic Consensus relationships, disseminates knowledge and strengthens networks between these parties.

Arctic Consensus has a particular focus on promoting growth and catalyzing business development. However, Arctic Consensus works widely in a number of fields, including work culture, research and educational promotion.

Arctic Consensus has solid experience from the long-standing business and cultural connection between North Jutland and Greenland, and today has a business that encompasses the entire Arctic region in relation to Denmark and the EU.

The work of Arctic Consensus is based on mutual respect and a mindset that all parties to a collaboration should be able to benefit from it. The UN’s global goals and solutions that are sustainable beyond a given project period are part of the Arctic Consensus’ DNA.

Arctic Consensus agenda is business promotion that incorporates new knowledge and can support the welfare, growth and fulfillment of new potentials.


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