The need for cooperation between the Arctic regions is growing in line with the rapid development created by the increased focus on the Arctic in recent years. Development and growth must be translated into societal, business and economic benefits in the North Atlantic regions. Arctic


Arctic Consensus’s vision is to promote partnerships, growth and development in the Arctic and in Denmark. This is achieved through collaboration and networks in business, education, research and work culture.

Arctic Consensus is working towards a continuing role as a catalyst for growth, business development and research and knowledge dissemination, including influence on the EU’s Arctic strategy and agenda, so that it reflects Arctic reality and creates real value in the Arctic region.

Our vision is that growth, employment and sustainable development must benefit all parties.


Arctic Consensus acts as a link for stronger cooperation between parties in the Arctic region, Denmark and to some extent the EU.

Arctic Consensus acts as the intermediary of knowledge and / or project manager between these parties to highlight Arctic agendas and opportunities in the region.

Anchored in Denmark and Greenland, the Arctic Consensus is an active party in national and international issues around the Arctic region as well as a knowledge center focusing on data generation and data dissemination.

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